Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2010

PD Resort in Aow June Juea

Aow June Juea is also known under the name Sunset Beach. This beach is very relaxed area of Koh Tao that hasn't changed much during the past 10 years. One reason for this might be that there is still some walking involved to get there. From the main beach in Chalock baan Kao it is just a bit less than 1 kilometer to walk. Walking through a beautiful tropical park though, can also be part of relaxed holidays.

The ten to 15 minutes walk is well worth the while. Getting to June Juea Beach is like getting to a different world. Sometimes it feels as if even the time passes slower here. A beautiful private beach invites to hang out with a cool drink and just get a sun taint. The water is warm and right in front of the beach you will find one of the most beautiful coral gardens of Koh Tao.

The PD Resort Koh Tao offers three categories of bungalows starting at 500 Baht. All accommodation are wooden Bungalows near the beach in a beautiful tropical garden. The PD restaurant offers Thai and western meals from breakfast till late night dinner. Enjoy the most beautiful sunset on June Juea Beach at the PD Restaurant. Sometimes you can even get a Greek Coffee here.